Carnival Tour for 09 Nights / 10 Days


Rio de Janeiro

Foz do Iguazu

Buenos Aires



Day 1: Rio de Janeiro

Take in the breathtaking view as your plane descends upon Rio de Janeiro–the 'Marvellous City'where rolling green hills, turquoise ocean, sandy beaches and high-rise urban development is all packedtogether in a unique blend of life and humanity. Your driver will take you from the airport to the hotel,during which time you can get a different perspective of the city, passing through the colonial stylebuildings and along the world-famous beach front. The natural beauty of Rio is almost transcendentalandgives you a taste of the Amazon rainforest while still retaining everything that is so incredibleabout a Latin American city. A walk along the mosaic tiles of Copacabana reveals much about the lifeof a 'carioca' (Rio local)–a refreshing caipirinha asthe waves lap against the shore, a fiercely competitive game of foot volleyball, and thousands of beach goers sunning themselves on the white sands. You have truly arrived in paradise

Day 2: Rio de Janeiro

Group tour to Corcovado and the Christ the Saviour statue After a delicious tropical breakfast in yourhotel, you will head out on a trip to see the world-famous Christ the Saviour statue on top of Corcovado Mountain. A specially designed train will take you from the foot of the mountain along a winding road through the magical Tijuca rainforest where you will see some of the enchanting tropical wildlife onconstant display in Rio, such as toucans, monkeys and armadillos. At the summit of Corcovado, 700mabove sea level, proudly stands theiconic image seen around the world–a 38m high statue of Christthe Saviour. But that is not the only breathtaking thing about this place–when up close to the statueyou will be overwhelmed by the stunning panoramic view of the city, so high up it seemsas thoughyou are truly flying with the birds around you. From the far reaches of Guanabara Bay, to the MaracanãStadium, all along to Sugarloaf Mountain, Copacabana, Ipanema and Gávea Mountain, you can see thewhole of Rio de Janeiro. Get ready for the Carnival party! An incredible night of music, dance, colourand joy awaits you. You will be picked up from your hotel and taken to the Sambódromo, Rio’sstadium of samba.

The samba schools parade down the avenue showing off their hip-swaying moves and elaboratecostumes, along with flotillas often making humourous jokes about Brazilian politics. You may betaken back to the hotel at any time, or not at all! Rio de Janeiro hosts one of the most famous andcolorful festivals in the world, which is considered the national cultural heritage of Brazil. Rio deJaneiro hosts one of the most famous and colourful festivals in the world, considered an essential partof Brazilian culture. Carnival involves the best samba schools in Rio competing against each other inhuge parades to be crowned champion. Millions of Brazilians and tourists descend on Rio for one weekof samba-fuelled parties, taking place all over the city. From Ipanema beach to Rocinha favela, peoplefrom all different backgrounds join toether to enjoy the hot summer sun and the joyous sound of samba.Don’t miss this incredible cultural event!

Day 3: Rio de Janeiro

Sugarloaf Montain excursion and the cable car You will be taken to the mythical Sugarloaf mountain,protruding abruptly from out of the ground like an asteroid just fallen from space. A magnificent cablecar ride will take you up to Urca Mountain, the stopoff between ground level and Sugarloaf. Fromthere you can enjoy a smooth cocktail or sample some of Brazil’s many signature dishes. Once arrivingto the top of Sugarloaf mountain you will see the captivating beauty of Rio from a different angle, Toyourleft you can see Copacabana beach stretching off into the distance, and on the horizon the faintoutlines of Two Brothers and Gávea mountains. Below you is the quaint and intimate Red Beach, whileto your right you can see across Guanabara Bay to Niterói and, closer in, Rio’s Botafogo and centralneighbourhoods, with the unmistakable silhouette of Christ the Saviour casting its eternal gaze over thecity. This trip is essential to gain a different perspective on Rio, and to truly understand its beauty.After descending the mountain by cable car, you will head into the Old Town and Centre, wherecolonial architecture still remains and many old churches such as the Candelária are still in use. Thecobbled streets and bright colours are a stark contrast to thewhitewashed, sun soaked streets ofIpanema but in many ways are part of the authentic, nearly-forgotten Rio of old, and one can almostfeel the hustle and bustle of hundreds of years ago when these streets were filled with merchants andcitizens of thePortuguese Empire.

Day 4: Rio de Janeiro-Foz de Iguazu

After breakfast in your hotel your driver will take you to the airport where it is time to say goodbye tothe Marvellous City. However with the next stop being one of the natural wonders ofthe world, there isno time for tears. Board your flight to Iguazu Falls. Arrival and meeting at the airport. Transfer with a driver to the hotel.

Day 5: Foz de Iguazu

Tour to the Brazilian side of the falls After breakfast in the hotel your driver will take you to theBrazilian side of the falls. A tranquil and calming walk along the edge of the falls provides the mostspectacular view you have ever seen; over 250 overflowing with millions of gallons of water racingfuriously down straight from the Amazon River. The sunlight flashing off the water has themesmerising effect of creating hundreds of rainbows as far as the eye can see. It is almost hard tobelieve, such is the breathtaking beauty of the rainforest paradise. After taking in the incredible views,the path takes you to the eye of the storm, the largest waterfall in the park, The Devil’s Throat. Watercrashes off an 80m cliff edge into the Iguazu River, but you have the chance to meet the water via awalkway that leads you into the heart of the waterfall. Feel the power of the water as it surrounds youfrom all sides, before heading up a stairway to look down from above on the mother of all waterfalls.At the end of the tour, your guide will drop you off at your hotel (entrance ticketincluded).Excursions with additional charge:Optional: You will have the opportunity for an excursion to the Bird Park in the National Park ofIguazu. There you will see a vibrant spectrum of all manner of birdlife as you walk around the open-airenclosures, paying close attention to the chorus of birdsong above. (Price USD90Net P/P.) There will also be the chance for a “Macuco Safari” trip through the jungle. Hop into the back of an open-toppedjeep and head out into the wilderness of the Iguazu National Park to witness first-hand the incredible happenings of nature. Your guides will explain to you the variety of flora and fauna on display. Keepan eye out for monkeys overhead! (Price USD150NET P/p) Once you reach the water you will boarda boat and set out on the Iguazu river towards the deep rumble of the falls in the distance. The high-speed boat will race through the cascading waterfalls and ensure you are soaked from head to toe! This ride really gets the adrenaline going, especially when you creep up to the earth-shattering power of the Garganta del Diablo, giving you an idea of the weight of water falling per second.

Day 6: Foz de Iguazu

Tour to the Argentinian side of the falls Wake up and have breakfast in your beautiful hotel. Today’stour will take you through the Argentinian side of the National Park.Often referred to as like being onstage compared to sitting in the audience from the Brazilian side, the Argentinian side allows you tofully interact with the falls as you walk across a spectacular maze of walkways over 3km long acrosstwo levels over the rushing water. Combined with the myriad rainbows, you are given the feeling ofwalking on water as you encounter the many waterfalls on display. It all starts with the Lower Circuit:At a length of 1700m, wooden walkways penetrate the lush jungle to carry you to the edge of the twinbeauty of the Salto Dos Hermanas (Two Sisters Falls), then the serene intimacy of Saltos Chico andRamirez. The next stop on this magical spectacle of water is the gaping yawn of Salto Bosetti, followedby the tall and narrowbut furiously powerful Saltos Alvar Nuñez, Elenita and Lanusse, all the whileaccompanied by the song of tropical birds, the howling of monkeys and the occasional amber flash of atoucan’s beak. The second half of the day takes you to the Upper Circuit: make the quick journeyupwards from the Lower Circuit to bring you up to another walkway, this time from an elevated heightwhich allows you to walk right up to the edge of the waterfalls and observe this incredible sight fromabove via a series of smaller falls, eventually reaching the gargantuan Salto San Martin, which seems tostretch on endlessly. The ominous rumble of the Devil’s Throat can be heard in the distance. The tourculminates in awe-inspiring Devil's Throat, this time seen from the top of the fall. To reach it, you takea scenic train ride through the rainforest, passing by the indigenous coati, armadillo and innumerablebird species. The cascade of flying mist can be seen from afar. It seems almost apocalyptic; howeveronce you arrive at the Devil’s Throat you cannot help but be struck by the beauty as the spray crashesagainst your face. Water pours in a 150m-long horseshoe shape down an 80m drop, to the very placeyou were standing in yesterday. The sheer amount of water falling away each second is simply mind-boggling (entrance ticket included). After the tour you will have a transfer out to airport to take yourflight to Buenos Aires. Upon arrival, a driver will be waiting for you to drive you to your hotel.

Day 7: Buenos Aires

After breakfast in your hotel, head out on a private guided city tour (4 hours). Buenos Aires has aEuropean feel to it, and the grandiose buildings and wide avenues remind one of Paris or Barcelona.But the Argentine capital is very much its own city, and certainly retains that familiar Latin streak. Youwill see the famous Pink House, a great example of colonial architecture, the majestic Colon Theatre,the iconic Obelisk in the middle of 9th of July Avenue, as well as a trip to Boca (the birthplace oftango). Take a walk around the picturesque Caminito, bursting with bright colours and the air full ofsizzling steak aromas. Afterwards you will visit the affluent Recoleta district with its chic bars andrestaurants, not forgetting the beautiful Plaza San Martín surrounding by neoclassical architecture.Buenos Aires is famous for being the birthplace of Tango. No doubt, this is the best city in the worldfor fans of this famous, passionate dance. In the evening, enjoy a first-class dinner and tango show. Thebest selection of international and local dishes, world-renowned Argentine beef grilled over charcoal,homemade pasta, delicious desserts, a wide selection of Argentine wines from the cellar. In the eveningenjoy an amazing Tango Show and Dinner. Tango is still alive. A good way of penetrating its spirit isvisiting one of the restaurants that offers tango shows of an excellent level, to enjoy tango ́s sensualmagnetism taken to the stage by some of the best dancers, singers and musicians in Buenos Aires!Aftera delicious dinner, you will follow a spectacular presentation of acclaimed popular and sensuous Tango, performed by the world's best. It is the music of Buenos Aires par excellence. Tango is felt inthe air of the city, as humidity

Day 8: Buenos Aires-Santiago

After breakfast in your hotel your driver will take you to the airport where you will take your flight to Santiago. Arrival and meeting at the airport. Transfer with a driver to the hotel

Day 9: Santiago

After breakfast you will be picked at the hotel to go to a Santa Lucia Hill Tour. Climb the elegant stairs to the top of this central hill to enjoy panoramic views of Santiago and admire the ornate fountains,flower displays and amphitheater. Rising out of the eastern edge of downtown Santiago is the picturesque Cerro Santa Lucía (Santa Lucia Hill). Escape the city center crowds and enjoy panoramic views over Santiago’s rooftops to the Andes mountains. Admire an impressive collection of art and architecture or shop for handicrafts at artisanal markets. After the tour you will be transferred to your hotel.

Day 10: Santiago

You will be transferred to the airport to take your international flight back home.


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